Why Craftyak?

Hello! My name is Renée. I started my creative journey when I was very young. I remember my Mom calling me into the kitchen. In the middle of the table was a fruit bowl with some decorations. She handed me a paintbrush and said, "Lesson one, paint what you see."


A couple of months later, she handed me some knitting needles and said, "Let me show you how to cast-on stitches." A few months after that, my aunt handed me a crochet hook and said, "Now that you know how to knit, let's crochet!" Soon after, my grandmother, mom, and aunts showed me how to sew. I remember making clothing for my dolls. Our family was always doing something creative. I treasure all of the creative outlets bestowed upon me and needless to say, the "creative bug" is firmly implanted in my genes.

For many years, I have wanted to create a community where I could connect with other creative people who appreciate crafts of all sorts, and who want to share their love knowledge and love of crafting with others. I began to think of a name for the community and the name "CraftYak" came into my head. The more I thought about the name, the more it fit:


  • Yaks are often associated with yarn which is a staple in the crafting world.

  • Yaks carry items - often A LOT of items! We crafters have been known to haul craft purchases from the store, and our rather large stashes of supplies from one place to another.

  • To "yak" or "talk incessantly" about a topic (our precious crafts) is what we do.


I asked family and friends what they thought and they agreed that the name fits perfectly. The rest is history.

Soon thereafter, I started drawing Yakky, Snags, and Donovan. Snags and Donovan are modeled after our kitty ("Maximus" or "Max") and doggie ("Donovan" or "Don-Don") who are, unfortunately, no longer with us in real life. For me, they live on in my drawings.


CraftYak is about people coming together to share art and crafts in many forms - knit, crochet, sewing, origami, sculpting, painting, drawing, etc. There is no limit to the amount of creativity in the world and my goal is to show an appreciation of it through CraftYak by supporting the work of others, attending and hosting events, and providing tutorials.


This work is dedicated to my oldest brother Anthony "Ant" who fought cancer like the true soldier that he was. I promised him that I would pursue my vision of building a craft community. I have many wonderful memories of us drawing together. He was a loving, caring father, brother, son, human being. He was also a brilliant artist. He is greatly missed and forever loved.