Awesomely Cool DIY Wands

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Inspired by the video tutorial below, my favorite seven-year-old crafter made wands. We watched the video tutorial below and knew that we had to make these right away. There are so countless ways to customize the wands.

With Halloween coming up, if anyone is dressing up as a wizard, witch, princess, queen, king, fairy, etc. this is the way to go!

Here are the supplies that we used:

  • chopsticks (you can also use long thin wooden paint brushes from your local discount/dollar store)

  • cardboard

  • hot glue

  • beads

  • paint

If you try this project, let us know how you liked it and post photos. We would love to see the different variations.

Go forth and craft all the things! 😁 ❤️ 👍🏼


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