Easy "Platinum" Finish Napkin/Letter Holder

Updated: Sep 9, 2017

Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. I love the vibrant oranges, purples, reds, and yellows that fall brings. I was browsing a local Dollar Tree and came across some pretty Fall theme coasters. While they were adequate on their own, I thought that perhaps I could make something with them. I sat at my table looking at them and thought, "Napkin Holder!" The video tutorial is at the end of this post.

Check out your local Dollar Tree or other dollar stores to see what they have in stock. Mine had a nice variety of pretty designs. I spent $3.00 for the coasters and the rest of my supplies were just craft staples that I have around my house:

  • Mod Podge (I used the Glossy finish, but you can use matte if you like.)

  • E6000 in clear

  • Inka Gold Metal Gloss Paint in Platinum

This project is easy and customizable according to seasons/holidays. The Inka Gold comes in many different colors (copper, silver, various types of gold, etc.) It gave the final piece a beautiful finish. You can also add additional embellishments to "spruce" it up even more. You will have a beautiful item to keep for yourself or do as I did and give away as a gift.

Below is the video tutorial which goes more in depth about everything, especially the Inka Gold Metallic Paint which I love!

Happy crafting!


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